Our School


Aurora College (The Virtual Secondary School) is a new and unique secondary option for students in government schools in NSW.

Classes commenced in January 2015 with over 160 students from all across NSW.

Students stay connected locally while developing their passion for subjects and courses that link to their career plans and broaden their post school options.

Students connect with their peers and their teachers through lessons delivered virtually, through technology and personally during residential schools held twice each year.

Aurora College provide a personalised experience and has a strong science and mathematics focus. Mentoring opportunities and master classes are key features of the learning experience.

Teachers who are part of our school are able to remain connected with their local school and community while expanding their teaching and career options through this unique experience.



Aurora College allows students in rural and remote areas to remain in their local school and community while studying specialist subjects which their home school cannot currently offer. The school also provides a peer group of students of similar academic ability and interest.

Students connect with their teachers and classmates through a virtual learning environment, which include web conferencing software and the Department’s virtual classrooms. Where possible, lessons are recorded so that students can access lessons at other times.

Aurora College offers students expanded career options through innovative programs and strengthened partnerships between schools, TAFE, universities, business and employers. Mentoring opportunities and master classes are key features of both the online and residential school programs.

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