eMentoring Testimonials

See what our students have to say about mentoring.

“Mentoring is so good! I’ll admit I was a bit wary at the beginning but it’s actually been a really good experience for me. My mentor was really fun and we got along like a house on fire and it was always exciting to know I had a mentoring day coming up. Mentoring has taught to manage stress and my time, find motivation and also raising my awareness of new careers.”  (Year 9 Student, Parkes High School)


“Mentoring through Aurora has helped me considerably in ways I hadn’t quite expected. Being able to learn well is a hard thing to grasp, let alone master and being hard on yourself doesn’t help. I still have no idea what kind of learner I am, but I know that I am definitely a stress-head and I struggle balancing pressures with the almost unbearable weight that comes with senior studies. However, mentoring has helped me by teaching me important strategies to not only overcome stress but to use it to my advantage, something crucial in Year 11/12!” (Year 11 student, Canowindra High School)


“Mentoring has been amazing this year! Speaking with a successful business women who has learnt all the tricks of the trade and how to survive in a male dominated industry was an awesome opportunity. She has shared her own experiences as well as tips on time management and self respect techniques that have helped me develop a better understanding of self and helped me with studying and school work.” (Year 9 Student, Parkes High School)

For more information about the eMentoring program go to the mentoring page.

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