Learning from home with limited internet access

To assist with learning from home during the current situation, we’ve put together some guides on how to set up your computer and make the most of a limited or less reliable internet connection. You might find it useful to try some of these tips to make your learning easier.

Windows 10 Metered Connection

Windows 10 has a “metered connection” option for internet connections that have a low download quota, or slower speeds. This turns off some of the automatic background processes that might be using your internet connection without you even being aware. Some examples of what it can turn off include:

  • Some automatic downloads for Windows updates. Critical security updates will still automatically download and install, however.
  • Some automatic downloads for app updates. Apps installed via the Windows Store will not download updates automatically. You can open the Windows Store and update apps manually if required. This does not apply to non-Windows Store apps that manage their own update procedures, such as Chrome etc.
  • Sharing of Windows Update files with other people on the internet. To make updates faster to download, Windows will by default offer to share updates you have downloaded with other Windows users via the internet. A metered connection disables this sharing.
  • Some automatic updates for start menu tiles. If you have a smart tile for weather forecasts in your start menu, this will likely not update automatically on a metered connection.
  • Some application behaviour that requires updates from the internet. Other applications may use this setting to determine whether they automatically retrieve information from the internet. For example, OneDrive client will stop syncing automatically on a metered network. This can be turned back on manually if required.

To set up your home internet as a metered connection, follow the Windows 10 Metered Connection Settings.

OneNote Automatic Syncing

OneNote is an important platform for Aurora College. Teachers can use this to send out work for students, and any changes that students make to the work is immediately sent back to the teacher for marking and feedback. With a slow internet connection, however, this could cause some issues. Instead, turn off the automatic syncing. Manually syncing your notebooks at times when your internet connection is less used will make it easier to get batches of work to and from teachers without a constant syncing process.

Instructions are below:

Box of Books

The Box of Books platform allows you to download your textbook once to your computer, and then use it offline from then on. Due to the size of the textbooks, we do not recommend doing this from home. If you have not already downloaded your textbooks, please speak with your teacher to see if this can be arranged.

Teams and Email

While you may not be able to take part in the live Teams meetings with your teacher and fellow students, you are still able to use Teams to chat and ask questions. If you are having issues, or have any questions, a simple post in the General channel will make it easy for your teacher to provide you some help.

You might also like to email your teacher if you would prefer to have the conversation privately. Likewise, it is important to still check your emails daily, as your teachers will email instructions or notices to you if you are not attending live Teams meetings.

Getting help or support

If you have any issues, we might be able to help. For technology problems, please send us an email at support@aurora.nsw.edu.au. To get in touch with other support staff at Aurora College you can email at auroracoll-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au or call on 1300 287 629.

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