ABC Behind The News: Virtual Classroom

What would it be like to go to school in Virtual Reality? Well, Aurora College in NSW says it’s the first VR school in the state. Students meet together in a digital world for lessons run by experts all over the world. Here’s a taste of what the kids there think of it. From

SCAN article on Aurora College

Scan is an online journal for educators that focuses on the interaction between information in a digital age and effective student learning. In their most recent edition (Scan, Volume 35, Issue 4, 2016), Scan included an article about Aurora College after an interview with our Principal, Chris Robertson. You can read this article here: scan-vol35-issue-4-2016

Education Week 2016: Aurora College

The theme for Education Week 2016 is ‘Shared stories, better learning stronger communities.’ As part of the Education Week launch students and teachers share their experiences from Aurora College — a virtual selective high school for rural and remote students.