What is Aurora College?

Our school allows students in rural and remote areas to remain in their local school and community while providing the opportunity to study specialist subjects which their home school cannot currently offer. The school also provides a peer group of students of similar academic ability and interest.

Students connect with their teachers and classmates through a virtual learning environment, which includes web conferencing software and DEC’s virtual classrooms. Where possible, lessons are recorded so that students can access lessons at other times.

Our school offers students expanded career options through innovative programs and strengthened partnerships between schools, TAFE, universities, business and employers. Mentoring opportunities and master classes are key features of both the online and residential school programs.


Who is eligible to enrol in Aurora College?

Prospective students must be enrolled in a rural and remote government school as defined by the MCEETYA Geographical Location Classification. View the NSW Government list of schools that meet this classification.


How will students be selected?

Our school is partially selective, with classes in English, Mathematics and Science in Years 7 to 10.

Students enrolled in Years 11 and 12 will include those students who have been part of the Year 7 to 10 selective streams. Enrolment is also be open to all students in rural and remote government schools. Where the number of applications for Years 11 and 12 courses exceeds the number of available positions, priority will be given firstly to the selective stream and then to other students in remote locations.

Students in the selective stream are chosen in the same way as students in all other selective classes in NSW government schools. Where students qualify to attend a full time local selective school and Aurora College, the offer made to successful students will be determined by the order in which parents list their choices.

Students who do not qualify for and/or did not apply for entry in Year 7, will have opportunities to apply for the selective stream in Years 8, 9 and 10.


When will classes commence?

Classes have already begun for 2015, offering a mix of online and residential school classes for Year 7 to Year 11 students. These students include

  • a Year 7 selective stream in English, Mathematics and Science
  • a Year 11 cohort
  • students transitioning from the Western NSW xsel program.

From 2016, our school will offer Year 12 classes as well.


Where will Aurora College be located and how will it operate?

Aurora College will not have a single physical location. A coordination location has been  established and is staffed with a Principal/PEO, executive and administration staff.

Students are not required to travel to the coordination location with online classes being offered at specific times during the school day. Students need to attend the residential schools/camps held in rural and metropolitan locations two times per year.

Teachers continue to be based in their current school/location with a reduced teaching load to allow them to also teach an Aurora College class. They are expected to attend the two residential schools each year, with travel and accommodation costs paid by Aurora College.

Teachers are not permanently appointed to Aurora College. Teachers are selected on the basis of their subject expertise and also their capacity to deliver engaging and innovative lessons in a virtual environment. Teachers are provided with ongoing support and targeted professional learning.

For more information on teaching with Aurora College, visit our Teach With Us page.


How will the courses offered in stage 5 and 6 be determined?

In 2015 we offer the following stage 6 courses:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English Advanced
  • English extension 1 and 2
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics extension 1 and 2
  • Physics

A list of courses offered by Aurora College will be available for rural and remote schools in early June each year. This information will be widely distributed so parents can also access this information.

For subsequent years, the range of stage 5 and 6 courses offered will be refined in consultation with principals, students and parents in rural and remote schools.

Priority will be given to offering a range of languages, in addition to the courses offered in 2015.


Where can students, parents and schools access further information?

This website will be the main source of information for students, parents, teachers and schools. In the first few weeks of each school year, orientation activities will be held for all students. Teachers are also be available for direct contact during the school year.

Additionally you connect with Aurora College through our Facebook and Twitter sites. All these sites are updated regularly and you are welcome to use whichever site suits you best.


What support is provided to the home school to assist teachers in supporting students?

Each school is provided with a staffing supplement so the teacher can be released to teach in Aurora College. An allowance is also be paid to the school to support resource development and other costs. If necessary, technology will be provided and bandwidth increased in the teacher’s base school to ensure effective teaching in the virtual environment.


What learning pathways are available for students?

An individual learning plan is developed for each student in Aurora College. The following scenarios provide examples of possible learning pathways.

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