Installing and Logging in to iSee Virtual Environment

Installing iSee

You will need to install the iSee application from the vendor website at There are instructions available on the website ( to assist with the install, however the process is very simple. Please note that at one point in the install there is an option to install the Realsense SDK. This is not a required option and should not be installed.


Logging in to iSee

At the login screen, please enter your username (student portal id, without any extensions, e.g. john.smith2) and the password you have been provided with. If you do not remember your password, please contact the Technology Support Team.

iSee logon screen


Confirm user information

Each time you log in to iSee you will be asked to confirm your details. This involves confirming which session you want to connect to, along with your name, and avatar colour.

The name and colour will be reflected on your avatar in the environment. You should only have one session available, titled Aurora College.


iSee Session Select Screen

Select zone

The virtual environment that we use for iSee has a number of different zones that can all be used at the same time. These include a lecture theatre, a multi-purpose hall, a coffee lounge, and a virtual playground. To enter one of these zones, first click on the zone you wish, and then click the Enter button.

iSee Zone Select Screen


Getting help

For help on how to use the application and move around the environment, you can review the vendor help documents here:

If these resources do not answer your questions, or if you have any issues logging in, please contact the Technology Support Team for further assistance. Advice on how to contact the team is available here.

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