Removing iSee Proxy Settings for Use at Home

If you have used iSee at school, you may have added proxy settings so the application could connect to the internet. When using iSee at home, these settings are not needed, and may in fact prevent the application from working. This is a guide for removing those settings.

Click the Proxy Settings link on the logon screen

iSee Proxy Settings Link

Ensure that the Auto-detect option is selected. If you have used the computer at school, the Manual option might be selected, and there might be text in the Server box. By clicking the Auto-detect option instead, you are turning off proxy settings for the iSee application.

iSee Proxy Settings Dialog

Click the OK button and continue logging in.

If you need assistance with logging in, please see the Installing and Logging in to iSee Virtual Environment document for help, or contact the Technology Support Team.

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