Opportunity Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be online for lessons all day, 5 days a week?

We are a partial OC school in a shared partnership with your local primary school. As we provide lessons in only 2 key learning areas, we have 4 x 90 min lessons and a 1 x 45min lesson throughout the week.

What subject areas are taught in Year 5 and 6 at Aurora College?

Aurora College will teach the Mathematics and Science and Technology syllabuses with a focus on STEM and your home school will cover all other aspects of the curriculum.

Why will English not be taught as part of the OC program?

We will be delivering the Mathematics and the Science and Technology curriculums. At home schools, literacy is a large focus and constitutes much of the school curriculum as it overlaps many other key learning areas. With English included in the virtual syllabus students would spend no time in their home schools. Although we do not teach the English syllabus, aspects of literacy are taught to support learning and understanding in Science and Technology.

What will I need to provide to support my child in learning in this virtual space?

Aurora will provide students with a laptop, headset and webcam to participate in lessons. Participating primary schools will be required to provide a desktop computer and allocated Aurora space to support student learning. The student laptops can be taken home to complete set tasks and support learning in all areas of the curriculum.

What is the reporting schedule?

Following the Department’s guidelines, Aurora College produces a full written academic report at the end of Semesters 1 and 2. An interim report is also provided early in Term 1. Parent/teacher interviews will be conducted in Term 2.

Will my child be disadvantaged if they have limited technology experience?

Aurora College staff supports each student with their learning in this new environment. During Term 1, Year 5 will undertake a transition program that builds their confidence and proficiency in the use of the various learning platforms and technological components. Aurora also provides funding for each partner primary school to support the learning of our shared enrolments.

How will my child be supervised during Aurora lessons?

Supervision will be provided by the Aurora College teacher as well as by the home school. Students will be working in a space that is visible to staff at the primary school they attend.

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