Answers to the Maths Trivia

How did you go with the Maths Trivia included in The Auracle – Volume 14, December 2016?

  1. Is it true that nothing at all happened in Samoa on 30 December 2011? Explain your thinking!
    (A) Yes. Samoa “skipped” that day to move their calendar forward, thus “crossing” the International Date Line. 
  2. If, in the future, Aurora College had students from Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Dubbo and Broken Hill in the same virtual classroom, how many time zones would there be in the class (in Winter)?
    (A) 4 (all half-an-hour apart from East to West). 
  3. Is it true that absolutely nothing happened in the UK between 3 September and 13 September 1752 inclusive? Explain your answer!
    (A) Yes. The UK “skipped” those days to synchronise calendars in Europe. 
  4. A plane landed from the North at an Australian Airport. When the plane reached the Southern end of the runway, the Flight Attendant told the passengers they could turn off flight mode on their mobile phones. Their phones said 12.30 am on Wednesday, 8 October but when the passengers reached the terminal of the same airport it was Tuesday, 7 October! Which airport did the plane land at?
    (A) Gold Coast Airport – the NSW-QLD border passes across the main runway causing time differences on mobile phones auto-time settings.
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