Joining the OC in 2021

Aurora College

Aurora College is the NSW Department of Education’s virtual school, providing students in rural and remote communities with the opportunity to connect locally and learn globally.

Aurora students connect with their teachers and classmates in timetabled lessons through a cutting-edge virtual learning environment. Students are provided with a laptop and headset, with no cost to parents or partner schools. These devices will assist students in participating in synchronous lessons from schools around the state.

Our schools offers:

  • Year 5 and 6 students Opportunity Class lessons in Mathematics, Science and Technology with a focus on STEM.
  • Year 7 to 10 students Selective School classes in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to study one or more Preliminary and/or Higher School Certificate subjects that may not be available in their local school.

What does the Aurora College Opportunity Class look like?

Students will connect with teachers and classmates from around NSW through a virtual learning environment. Delivery of face-to-face synchronous lessons using Adobe Connect and a range of communication and collaboration platforms are used to support learning. Our OC students remain at their current primary schools and engage in learning in collaboration with their home schools.


What sets us apart?

Our online platform allows for our year 5 and 6 students to engage in mathematics and science and technology lessons  from their home schools. Our OC students engage in STEM based tasks to design, build, test and re-design if necessary a solution to problems that are relevant to our world, our communities and lives.

Students participating in the program will receive a STEM tool kit with supplies to support prototyping and designing for the duration of the program. Included in these kits are robotics equipment including the Sphero Bolt and the Micro:bit devices to support our digital learning in science and technology.

Residential is an integral part of our calendar. Students will travel to Sydney in term 4 2020 and term 1 2021 for our week together. Students travel via chartered coaches at a minimum cost with subsidized funding for the cost of the camp. These opportunities allow our students to connect with each other, participate in classes and experience many of learning experiences available to them at these locations. Some of these experiences have included ferry rides across Sydney Harbour, visiting the Q-Station in Manly, The virtual reality Rooms, seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the State Theatre and much much more.

Masterclasses connect our students with experts in the field. Archaeologists, astrophysicists, authors and innovation and design experts have inspired and amazed us.


What students say….

‘My knowledge has increased majorly this year and I have met some life-long friends. My teacher is very aware of what we can and can’t do and it makes virtual learning so much easier. Aurora has guided me to broaden my horizons and I got to experience and discover what I enjoy learning about. I am now able to apply my knowledge from Aurora College into my everyday life and it opened up so many opportunities for myself and my peers.’

‘The positive features of this Aurora experience is that I am being challenged more and with like minded people.’

For further information on the Aurora College Opportunity Class

Opportunity Class Applications for 2021

Important dates for this process:

  • 18 November 2020: Opportunity Class Placement Test
  • Late December 2020: Selection process by the Department’s High Performing Students Team (HPST) occurs
  • Mid-January 2021: Placement outcome information is sent by HPST to parents
  • From mid-January 2021: Parents accept or decline offers
  • Early February 2021: Online orientation meeting for virtual opportunity class students and their parents, hosted by Aurora College.

Once you accept projected dates:

  • Student devices delivered: 4 February (Week 2)
  • ACC induction and set-up: Week commencing 8 February (Week 3)
  • Student orientation program: Week beginning 15 February (Week 4)
  • Lessons commence: 22 February (Week 5)
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