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Principal’s update – 23rd March 2020

We are the NSW Virtual Selective High School, providing students in rural and remote areas the chance to study specialist subjects using the latest technology.

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What is a selective school?

Selective high schools cater for gifted and talented students who have superior to very superior academic ability which is matched by exceptionally high classroom performance. These schools can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping together gifted and talented students who may otherwise be isolated from a suitable peer group.

There are:

  • Seventeen fully selective high schools. All classes are academically selective.
  • Twenty five high schools with selective classes (partially selective). Partially selective high schools have both selective and community classes. 
  • Four agricultural high schools, three of which offer boarding places. Agricultural high schools are selective high schools that emphasise the study of agriculture, with the boarding sections giving some priority to isolated students.
  • One virtual selective stream at Aurora College, offering selective placement in Years 7 to 10. 

Year 7 entry into these schools is determined by the student’s results in the Selective High School Placement Test in English (including reading and writing), mathematics and general ability, together with their primary school’s assessment of their performance in English and mathematics. Other evidence of academic merit may also be considered. Entry into Years 8 to 12 is determined using criteria developed by each school’s selection committee.

For more information, you can view the Departments Selective High School Placement website.



 What is a virtual high school?

Our school connects students in rural and remote locations into a selective strand covering English, Mathematics and Science using computer technology and personal contact to deliver the curriculum. Students are enrolled both in the selective class and also in their local secondary (base) school; meaning that they can access a challenging academic program without leaving home and friends to do so.

Students attend classes by logging on to our online conferencing system. Teachers can see and hear each student using webcams and microphones. Our learning management system and collaborative suite allows teachers to set classwork, homework, assignments and securely receive student work.

Twice a year, students are brought together for a residential camp. This provides a chance to complete the practical work, science experiments and more. Students also have the chance to join together and experience the host area through excursions, activities and events.


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